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Dzen Space Club

Design - Olga Fradina
Project Area - 45m²
Project Year - 2020
Location - Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo credits - Yevhenii Avramenko​​​​​​​

The name of a new project by the Olga Fradina Interior Design was born while its creation. Starting from an apartment for rent, it has been gradually transformed into the client’s place of power and space for meditations and tea ceremonies with sole-mates.


The client is a famous Katya Bakhirka, an owner of fashion brand Bakhirka Apparel, a founder of a charity foundation devoted to saving the indigenous people of the Amazonia – The Deep Forest Foundation, and a hip-hop singer known as BAKHIRKA. As Katya told in one of her interviews, music for her is one of the means to get in touch with like-minded people.

Here, in the DzenSpaceClub project, design became such a medium.

Olga Fradina was chosen as her “own kind” designer for Olga’s Instagram profile. 

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