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Design - Olga Fradina
Project Area - 100m²
Project Year - 2019
Location - Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo credits - Yevhenii Avramenko

Quiet colouring of a Nature and sensual  textures are the main subjects  of my new interior. The customers wanted an apartment as a place of meditation and absolute relaxation – of both visual and tactile origins.


That was a reason for the presence of many “soft” forms and natural materials, originally designed objects from their creators and pieces of craftsmanship. In a living room one can find side by side coffee tables and chairs by Faina Collection, dinner  table by Staritska Maysternya, vintage Transcarpathian wool carpet (locally known as “lizhnyk”), ceramics and graphics by Olga Fradina.


Almost monochrome color scheme of the interior looks like a perfect background for emotional rich textures and works of art.

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